UXO / IED / Landmine Tripod with Block & Tackle Assembly

Thick aluminum base assembly used to hold tools for building and vehicle access. Ideal for recessed handle and button applications, opening hoods and trunks, for high 4×4 truck and rooftop applications or just for a stable platform without touching the vehicle. Able to tilt in any number of angles and adjusts to many different leg spread angles with simple pins in seconds. Can be collapsed and carried with legs installed in the closed position. Provides a stable platform for a number of tools listed above as well as the Block and Tackle Assembly, hoisting applications and many other uses.

MXP-TAM – Medium Duty Tripod
Medium Duty: Telescopic Manipulator Pole affixed with a Coupler that allows for quick attachment to the Tripod. Telescopic Manipulator Pole legs can be lengthened or shortened individually to an infinite number of lengths.

MXP-TAH – Heavy Duty Tripod

Heavy Duty: 1.25″ thick heavy-duty aluminum legs connect to tripod base assembly for quick attachment to the Tripod.  Aluminum leg sections can be added and removed for differing heights.

Found in categories: EOD / Counter-IED