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Violent Intruder Protection Program

Are you prepared for an Active Shooter or Violent Intruder event?

Active shooter and/or violent intruder events are over within 10 to 15 minutes before Law Enforcement arrives on scene. You must be prepared mentally and physically to deal with these hostile situations. Experts agree that training and having the proper equipment relative to violent attacks within reach will greatly increase survivability! Mithix Pro is proud to introduce VIPP™.

VIPP™ is not just a tool, or some information, it is a thoughtfully developed program resource that provides a reasonable and effective solution to protecting our schools, office buildings, government facilities, or any facility vulnerable to an attack. VIPP™ Safety Kits and VIPP™ training, help to ensure that you have the tools and the knowledge to protect those you are responsible for.

Mithix Pro has been providing safety equipment and tools to the military and law enforcement community for over a decade. They have designed, built and sold over 1 million products including over 37,000 innovative tool kits that have not only kept our military and first responders safe but have assisted in the mission of public safety. We have worked with a network of first responders and military professionals with thousands of critical incident responses to develop this program based on their collective experience.

The VIPP™ kits were developed in coordination with experienced law enforcement, military, medical and educational professionals and started with the request from an inner-city grade school teacher reaching out to us for help in 2016. We immediately went to work conducting extensive research and development for an affordable kit in response to the specific threat of Active Shooter and Violent Intruder events. These kits are designed for:

  • Classrooms
  • Corporate offices
  • Government buildings
  • Sports and entertainment venues
  • Houses of worship
  • Public and/or populated places where people are vulnerable to attack.

The VIPP™ Kits provide specific tools and essential items that have been tested to be effective as a means of deterrence and positive action to minimize threats and potentially save lives. The kits are scalable, modular and have options available to fit any classroom, corporate office or venue. These kits and optional items provide for:

  • Enhanced Locking Mechanisms/Devices
  • Immediate Action & Emergency Evacuation
  • Early Detection
  • Cover & Concealment
  • Communication & Signaling
  • Distraction & Defense
  • Enhanced Threat-Based First Aid Equipment

VIPP™ training courses for Active Shooter and Violent Intruder situations are also available via our qualified training partners comprised of experts with extensive experience in violent intruder events, public safety, adult education and corporate security.

Kit and optional items provide: Cover, Concealment, Detection, Communication, Physical Blocks, Evade, Escape, Defense, Distraction, Action, Detainment and Shooting/Bombing First Aid Equipment. Typical kit pictured, other kits including custom kits available. Optional items and large quantity discounts also available. Contact Mithix Pro today for more information.