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Maritime / High Visibility

Sand & Sea, Search, Stabilize and Recover (S4R) Hook and Line Kit

Introducing the Sand & Sea, Search, Stabilize and Recover (S4R) Kit. From underwater to port to beach operations, and from search to IED to Post Blast and evidence marking, this is the kit! Tools are robust for water/corrosion resistance and manufactured in a Hi-Vis fluorescent contrasting finish with light reflective over coating for easily finding in murky waters and muddy banks. This kit has it all for maritime operations including: evidence tags and markers; grid/evidence weights, floats and markers; deep water LED markers; tool and evidence tethers; magnets; and water friendly hooks, lines, pulleys and accessories.

Stainless Steel Grapnel

This compact, high-strength, folding grapnel hook is used for field expedient procedures. Can be thrown and used to clear debris, ground/command wires, pressure switches, remotely disturb suspect items, pull/proof trip line potential hazards and/or to grab and drag items.