Trip Wire Detector with Visible Laser Identifier Kit

MXP-TWD-VL1 Green Dot Laser
MXP-TWD-VL2 Green Line Laser
MXP-TWD-VL3 Green Dot and Line Combination Laser (as pictured)

The Trip Wire Detector (TWD) and Visible Laser Identifier (VLI) Kit is a combination of low tech and high tech solutions combined to give the user the best of both worlds to identify trip wire hazards. The TWD is a manual tool that incorporates a handle, telescoping rod and 15 feet of lightweight visual line to find trip wires. The user can use in two modes: as a short line hanging to the ground approximately 5 feet in front of the user that will provide a visual curl of the line when contacting a wire, or, as a longer standoff detector with 15 ft of line that is ‘cast’ forward like a fishing line that lightly drapes over any wires for a visual indication. The VLI provides a high powered green dot or line or dot and line laser (depending on model purchased) to help illuminate and identify trip wires. Both the TWD and the VLI are housed together in a berry compliant MOLLE compatible sheath.

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