Personal Minefield Extraction Kit


The Personal Minefield Extract Kit (PMEK) was designed for the safety of anyone who may find themselves accidentally in a minefield, booby-trapped or hazardous area. The kit does not replace special purpose equipment made for minefield breaching teams or personnel but is for anyone and everyone in hazardous duty locations where mines, UXOs, IEDs and/or booby-traps may exist. The lightweight kit and components should be carried at all times while in the field and should the user suddenly need them, the components are there to mark their known safe passage route, probe when route is unknown, mark hazards and safe route progress until they get themselves to safety outside of the hazard area. Kit includes red and white stakes, red and green chem lights for night, mine probe, lightweight tripwire feeler, and pouch. The PMEK is ideal for anyone working outside the wire.

Found in categories: Search / Counter-Mine