UXO / IED / Landmine Mini Explosive Hazard Reduction Kit with Hook and Line

Mini Explosive Hazard Reduction / Mitigation Kit, with Hook, Line and Telescopic Manipulator Pole Kit is ideal for searching, locating, identifying, and marking improvised explosive device (IED), unexploded ordnance (UXO) homemade explosive (HME), booby-trap and other threatening hazards as well as the remote and semi-remote means to move or displace devices/suspect threats in an austere or unfriendly environment. Kit features Telescopic Manipulator Pole, coupler and hook, parachute cord, EOD Folding Grapnel Hook, crimpers, vise clamp with eye, hazard marking tape and markers, tape measure, brush, headlamp, and binoculars. All components are housed within a 3-day heavy duty MOLLE compatible backpack.

Found in categories: Search / Counter-Mine