Mithix Pro Dismounted IED Defeat Kit


The Mithix Pro Dismounted IED Defeat Kit contains a full suite of capability for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD / IEDD), Bomb Squad, and Special Operations in a small size. The kit includes: a Backpack; the Compact Hook and Line Tool Kit featuring a compact version of the well known Mithix Pro Hook and Line kit components that you know and trust; high-strength low-stretch Dyneema Rope and tactical reel; a lightweight tripod; a telescoping pole with hook coupler; a Combat Explosive Exploitation (CEXE) Kit; a handheld metal detector, a set of hand tools, a knife, strap, wire and rope cutter set and other essential tools made specifically for Improvised Explosive Device (IED), remote movement and remote handling operations. All Components are housed in pouches, drop-down leg carrier with thigh straps and the backpack.