Door Secure Claw

The Door Secure Claw is used for two purposes, expedient securing of multiple doors in corridors in special law enforcement/tactical operations and, in general purpose expedient door securing. For SWAT or tactical ops, the Door Secure Claw is used to quickly slap on door knobs and/or handles in hallways and corridors that are cleared to prevent potential enemies from coming out behind the ops team. This is especially handy in apartments, hotels and anywhere multiple doors are encountered and protects the rear of an exposed assault team. For general purpose expedient use, the Door Secure Claw can be used in active shooter / violent intruder or other situations to quickly and easily secure doors for temporary safety measures. The Door Secure Claws can be used on door knobs and door handles easily by placing the teeth of the claw over the door wood, steel or other molding adjacent to the knob or handle and putting the attached zip tie over the knob or handle and pulling hard and tight to secure in place. Can be used on doors opening in or out; the door knob/handle can be turned/unlatched but not opened. Removal is as simple as cutting the zip tie and replacing with a new one for repeated use. One size fits most applications; see the video link to see the Door Secure Claw in action.

See a quick video link here

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